Angela Hobbs

FTF: Owner/Editor

aka Onyx Knyte on Fashion Vixens


I have been in and out of the music industry for about 45 years. I began as an entertainer, and have done everything from production and promotion to booking and management. I have had a music site, Sojournstar Music, online since 1995, as well as other internet business/marketing related sites I own also. I stay connected to this industry and the people I am associated with in it, and am always trying to help other musicians and bands with the resources or knowledge I have available to me. is currently my personal website where one can learn about me and all my interests past present, and future.

I am also interested, and have worked within the film and fashion industry. I currently have several other websites and networks not related just to music, including fashion, gaming, graphics, design, writing, and a magazine.