You are peering across the Threshhold of a brand new website magazine. Thank you for visiting.

Our First Issue launch date is set for October 20th, 2013. We then hope to have all things in place,

and our first issue available for view and free download to the world.


We are now, and will always be, looking for new and fresh talented writers and designers to join,

and contribute to our team. If you think you are up for the challenge of an ongoing column, responsibility,

or other design or publishing task to help publish our magazine each issue, please do let us know.

You can join our main forum, or drop me a line through the contact link to the left. We hope in either case,

you will decide to join our networks of fun, fashion, and friends!


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Website launched

09/18/2013 23:28
Our new website has been launched today. This will be the actual platform we will use for the...